Maxxie Oliver (tappingoff) wrote,
Maxxie Oliver


[ The phone is off the hook. ]

Ah, fuck, my head . . .

[ Long silence as Maxxie realizes where he is. Even with his head pounding, this room doesn't look like his flat in London, and he's pretty sure he didn't get wasted enough to go home with some random bloke last night. Probably just one of his friends trying to take the piss out of him.

Then he notices the phone and starts talking into it. ]

Okay, good one, you guys.

[He laughs, as much as he can since his head fucking hurts. Fucking hangovers. ]

I give up. You'd better come out and tell me where the fuck you dumped me now, yeah?
Tags: calleo a. crowe, flora reinhold, kaguya houraisan, kallen kouzuki, vince noir, yuki nagato
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